10.09.2022 - CACIB Lendava

honorable judge: Zoran Brankovic (Serbia)

JCH.SK Lemon Cake Mar & Mar (GINGER) - won Excellent 1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB

JCH.SK Pti Piter Sparkling Drop of Spring Rain (Kati) - won Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB, BOB


07-08-09-10.07.2022 - CACIB NITRA


Lemon Cake Mar & Mar (GINGER) - won 4x Excellent 1, 3x CAJC, 1x JUNIOR BOB, 2x BOS and 1x BOB.

Pti Piter Sparkling Drop of Spring Rain (KATKA) - won 4x Excellent 1, 3x CAJC, 3x JUNIOR BOB and 1x BOB.


10-11-12.06.2022 - CACIB NITRA

Ginger participated on her first show in Slovakia - (Lemon Cake Mar & Mar).

On Friday she won VP1, BOB PUPPY and BEST IN GROUP PUPPY under Irish judge Mrs. Ann Ingram.

On Saturday she won again VP1, BOB PUPPY and on Sunday also VP1, BOB PUPPY so she fulfilled all conditions for PUPPY CHAMPION OF SLOVAKIA.


27-March-2022 - CAC Salgotarján

The first show were our girls participated was in hungarian Salgortarján. The judge was Vilmos Kardos (HU). Both girls got Very promising 1 and BEST PUPPY.



20-January-2022 - WELCOME GINGER!

On 19.01.2022 came to our kennel new beautiful female of Petit Brabancon breed from portuguese kennel Mar & Mar. Thanks to her breeder Lena Mendao for possibility to bring Ginger to our family!


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