"The FCI kennel Slnečný Lúč has became internationally protected since 2002..."

In 1994, we introduced in our family the first pedigree puppy of the breed Shar-pei. With him {it was a male Akos} we opened the "gate" to the world of breeding & dog showing. The time went so quickly and it did not take long until we brought new friend for our Shar-pei, who was also founder of our breeding "Slnečný Lúč" - the female of Petit Brabancon - Bronx Malý Baskerville (Rebecca) from Czech Republic. The following puppy was female again, called Athina Bohunícky ďáblik, black rough-haired Belgian griffon and as third member of our team became female Dorka (Daginny-Bruxell ze Sídlberku) - the red rough-haired Brussels griffon. These three representatives were a beautiful beginning of our breeding programm. By this breed we learned a lot and we got all neccessary information for successful breeding and handling on dog shows (dog handling). In 12 years we have raised more than 20 litters, among which we could find also successful exemplars of this wonderful breed. Our last Griffon litter was born in 2014.

Because our house was empty, we were lucky to find in 2018 a beautiful Bulldog bitch Buchta, which is an amazing dog with a huge heart. Again thanks to her breeder Ildiko, who allowed to join us Buchta and we could start participating on the dog shows again.

In 2022, when our kennel had the 20th ANNIVERSARY, we decided to bring into our lives griffons again.

In addition to kennel Slnečný Lúč, the owner Ing. Lucia Kyseľová has a grooming salon for dogs and cats "Anubis" in Zvolen which is the oldest salon in town with big tradition since 2003. We offer grooming of dogs and cats not only by imagination of customer, but also for shows and we offer handling classes too!


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