On this show competed our offspring Xilli Slnečný Lúč (12  months old). On Saturday she won VG1 and on Sunday Exc.1, CAJC, BEST JUNIOR. Congratulations to her owners Miroslava P. and Michal D. !!!

Thanks to all judges for beautiful and objective reports of our dogs!

17.09.2020 - judge for Bulldog: Ildikó Melichová (SK)

18.09.2020 - judge for Bulldog: Boroš Danijel (RS)


Xilli Slnečný Lúč (junior class): 17.09.2020 + 18.09.2020 - 2x Exc.1, CAJC, JBOB - new Juniorchampion SK

Bubble Illimon (champion class): 17.09.2020 - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB - new Grandchampion SK


The judge on Saturday was M.Václavík (CZ) and on Sunday M.Bíroš (SK). There were competing our two girls - BUCHTA (Bubble Illimon) and our offspring Xilli Slnečný Lúč. Congratulations to Xilli´s owners :-)

Saturday:  Buchta: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB    Xilli Slnečný Lúč: Very good 2

Sunday:     Buchta: Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOS    Xilli Slnečný Lúč: Very good 1, CAJC, JBOB

Xilli:     Buchta: 


Buchta became a new SLOVAK CHAMPION!

The judge on Friday: Milan Benkovský,SK   - Xilli Slnečný Lúč: Very good 2

The judge on Saturday: Marián Priehoda,SK - Buchta: Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB    Xavier Slnečný Lúč: Excellent 2

The judge on Sunday: Milan Bíroš,SK           - Buchta: Exc.1, CAC, res.CACIB

Xavier Slnečný Lúč at his first show ever, winning Very promising 2 under Jirina Jandova from CZ. Congratulation to Xavi´s owners!!

The last show of the year was held in Nitra where showed our Buchta - Bubble Illimon. The judge was honorable Mr.Sergej Vanža (SK). Buchta won her class and she got Exc.1, CAC :-)


We participated on double dog show in Nowy Targ, Poland where our Buchta (JCh.Bubble Illimon) won both day Exc.1,CWC and BOS. We are very proud of her, because she was the youngest and she got mark "excellent" as only bitch in the ring, both days!! Thanks to judges Monika Kozlowska and Tomasz Borkowski from Poland.

Buchta was in intermedia class where she got Very good 1 under Milan Benkovský on Saturday. On Sunday she got Exc.1, CAC under Mr. Priehoda.

On National winner show in Bratislava, 24.02.2019 Buchta became Junior Champion of Slovakia. She also won Exc.1,CAJC from 3 junior bitches under judge Sergei Vanža!

Buchta started the show season 2019 perfectly - both days got CAJC in junior class. Thanks to judges Tibor Havelka and Lenka Fairaislová (CZ) :)

The last year show for our Buchta in Nitra, where she took both day 2nd place from 5 females. She was the youngest from all and we are very proud of her!

On this Special show in Budča our Buchta (Bubble Illimon) in puppy class became first under Mr. Dušan Paunovič (SRB)

On club show in Budča our puppy Buchta (Bubble Illimon), won Very promising 1 and later BIS puppy 2 under Mrs. Linda Voláriková!

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