Xilli Slnečný Lúč

female, white with red

Vienna, Austria

Juniorchampion SK

Photo - 5,5 weeks old 

Photo - adult age

Xantis Slnečný Lúč 

male, white with red

Bratislava, Slovakia


Xavier Slnečný Lúč

male, red-white

Bratislava, Slovakia

Xolo Slnečný Lúč

male, white-red

Piešťany, Slovakia

X-Pirate Slnečný Lúč

male, white with red

Bratislava, Slovakia

Xfinity Slnečný Lúč

female, red with white

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia


On 16th September 2019 we welcomed new litter of beautiful English Bulldog babies!  We have chosen for our JCh. Bubble Illimon a male of high quality, named Golden-Bull Lucas who is also International Champion, Champion and Juniorchampion of Hungary and also Junior World Winner-2015. We would like to say thank you to Monika Boross for possibility to use this wonderful male.



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