Welcome to our homepage, dedicated to the FCI kennel "Slnečný Lúč" founded in 2002.

In this year 2022, when our kennel is celebrating 20th ANNIVERSARY we have decided to restore the breeding of BRUSSELS GRIFFON (Griffon Bruxellois) a BRABANCONS (Petit Brabancon), because our heart always belonged to this wonderful little dogs.

We hope, that our experiences will bring us to the highest levels, and we will be beneficial for the breeding of Griffons and Brabancons not only in Slovakia but around the world. Our goal is to breed healthy puppies, which will meet the breed standard and they will be balanced in exterior but also in mentality.Our female Buchta (English Bulldog) will continue her life like mascot of our kennel. 

We wish you a pleasant time, during watching of our website :-) 



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